LANL Uncertainty Quantification Working Group

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We aim to foster communication between scientists who are interested in quantifying uncertainties in their scientific and engineering applications. We host seminars to inform people about advanced analysis techniques.
Case Studies
We are putting together a list of case studies. It is anticipated that these case studies will be presented to the UQWG for discussion by the participants. Please send us a BRIEF (one-page) description of your project/problem and what you see as the uncertainty quantification issues that you need to address. Mention any progress that has been made on UQ and stumbling blocks that have been encountered. Please keep it short - one page at most. If you wish to describe more than one project/problem, feel free to do so, but use a separate page for each. Email your page to Ken Hanson either as an attached MSWord document or in the text of your email.
Viewgraphs and video are available for the lectures given by Prof. Volker Dose during Bayes Days 2000: Minicourse on Bayesian Data Analysis in Physics
Some useful URLs on Bayesian inference, including links to Guilio d'Agostini's CERN Report "Bayesian reasoning in high energy physics"
For a short bibliography on Bayesian inference, look at (ps, 126 KB), (pdf, 70 KB), (LaTeX BiB, 22 KB)
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