Some URLs for Bayesian analysis and related topics

Annotated list of books on Bayesian analysis and related topics:

Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods Workshops

Bayes Dayes 2000 at LANL - A minicourse on Bayesian analysis given by Volker Dose

Bayes Dayes 1999 at LANL - A tutorial and workshop on Bayesian analysis by Giullio d'Agostini

L. Lyons, CERN lecture, Practical statistics for particle physicists - Lect. 4 (Oct. 2006) CERN Training Lectures (both slides and video) excellent set of lectures on statistical methods relevant to physicists; videos add a lot to helping to understand the slides

G. D-Agostini, CERN lecture, Telling the truth with statistics (Feb. 2005) CERN Training Lectures (both slides and video)

Links for Bayesian analysis

Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Ken Hanson
Last modified  23 November 2006