Phys. Med. Biol. 26, pp. 965-983 (1981)

Computed tomography using proton energy loss

K. M. Hanson, J. N. Bradbury, T. M. Cannon, R. L. Hutson, D. B. Laubacher, R. J. Macek, M. A. Paciotti, and C. A. Taylor
Los Alamos National Laboratory


An experiment has been performed to demonstrate the feasibility of proton computed tomography. The proton energy loss was used to measure the projections of the relative stopping power of the phantom. High quality reconstructions were obtained from scans of 19-cm- and 30-cm-diameter performance phantoms. Comparison with reconstructions from an EM1 CT-5005 x-ray scanner showed the proton technique is more dose efficient by a large factor.

Keywords: proton computed tomography, proton radiography, hyperpure germanium detector, low-dose scanning, dose efficiency, noise equivalent quanta (NEQ), peak fitting algorithm

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