Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation 14A, D. O. Thompson and D. E. Chimenti, eds., pp. 747-754 (Plenum, New York, 1995)

An interactive tool for Bayesian inference

G. S. Cunningham, K. M. Hanson, G. R. Jennings, Jr., and D. R. Wolf


The Bayes Inference Engine (BIE) is a flexible software tool that allows one to interactively define models of radiographic measurement systems and geometric models of experimental objects so that the geometric properties of the objects being radiographed can be inferred from a limited amount of data. The BIE also allows a user to investigate confidence intervals on the estimated object geometry and compare the likelihoods of competing hypotheses.

The BIE contains three components: a graphical programmer, for defining and interacting with the measurement system model, a geometric modeler, for defining and interacting with the object model, and an interactive optimizer. This article contains a description of these three components and an example of 2D geometry optimization from synthesized radiographic data using the BIE.

Keywords: object-oriented modeling/programming, optimization, measurement reliability

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