Phys. Rev. Lett. 19, 809812 (1967); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.19.809

Quasielastic Electron-Deuteron Scattering at Forward Angles

R. Budnitz, J. Appel, L. Carroll, J. Chen, J. R. Dunning, Jr., M. Goitein, K. M. Hanson, D. Imrie, C. Mistretta, J. K. Walker, and Richard Wilson


This paper presents a preliminary report of recent measurements of quasielastic electron- deuteron scattering. Data points were taken at a scattered-electron laboratory angle of 20 and for a range of four-momentum transfers from 7 to 70 F^-2. Three different measured quantities have been extracted from the data: (1) the ratio of electrons without a coincident proton to electrons with a coincidence, which it is hoped, after small corrections, is equal to the neutron-to-proton cross-section ratio; (2) the ratio of the total electron-deuteron "area method" quasielastic cross section to the elastic e-p cross section from hydrogen, which should equal (simga_n + sigma_p)/sigma_p; (3) the ratio of the electron-proton coincidence cross section from deuterium to the same e-p coincidence cross section from hydrogen using the "area method." The measurements were made in conjunction with elastic electron-proton cross-section measurements from hydrogen.

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