Phys. Med. Biol. 27, pp. 25-36 (1982)

Proton-computed tomography of human specimens

K. M. Hanson, J. N. Bradbury, R. A. Koeppe, R. J. Macek, D. R. Machen, R. Morgado, M. A. Paciotti and S. A. Sandford
Los Alamos National Laboratory
V. W. Steward
University of Chicago


The experimental procedure and results of a comparative study of the imaging characteristics of proton and x-ray CT scans are presented. Scans of a human brain and heart are discussed. The proton produced images are found to be similar in information content while providing a decided dose advantage.

Keywords: proton computed tomography, proton radiography, range telescope, low-dose scanning, dose efficiency, noise equivalent quanta (NEQ), biological scans, streak artifacts

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