Phys. Rev. D 1, 24492476 (1970); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.1.2449

Search for Violation of Time-Reversal Invariance in Inelastic e-p Scattering

M. Goitein, R. J. Budnitz, L. Carroll, J. R. Chen, J. R. Dunning, Jr., K. M. Hanson, D. C. Imrie, C. Mistrettaa, and Richard Wilson
Harvard University


We have measured elastic electron-proton scattering cross sections in the range of four-momentum transfers from 7 F^-2[0.27 (GeV/c)^2] to 150 F^-2 [5.84 (GeV/c)^2] and at scattered electron angles of between 20 and 34 in the laboratory. The estimated errors in the cross sections range from 2.1% at the lowest momentum transfer to 9.6% at the highest. Both the scattered electron and the recoil proton were detected, resulting in an overdetermination of the kinematics. When the constraint of a coincident proton is removed, there is no significant change in the estimated cross sections.

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