Phys. Rev. D 17, 16931705 (1978); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.17.1693

Electroproduction of single pions at low epsilon and a measurement of the pion form factor up to Q^2 = 10 GeV^2

C. J. Bebek, C. N. Brown, S. D. Holmes, R. V. Kline, F. M. Pipkin, S. W. Raither, and L. K. Sisterson
Harvard University
A. Browman, K. M. Hanson, D. Larson, and A. Silverman
Cornell University


We report measurements of the electroproduction of single charged pions from hydrogen and deuterium targets for values of epsilon in the range 0.35< epsilon <0.45. Data were taken with a hydrogen target at the (W, Q^2) points (2.15 GeV, 1.2 GeV^2), (2.65, 2.0), (2.65, 3.4), (2.65, 6.0), and (2.65, 10.0). Data were taken with a deuterium target at the (W, Q^2) points (2.15, 1.2) and (2.65, 2.0). The transverse cross section obtained by using these data in conjunction with earlier data at high epsilon to separate the longitudinal and transverse components is used in conjunction with the new data and the t-channel Born term to determine the pion form factor and to re-evaluate previously reported measurements. In the range 0.15 GeV^2 < Q^2 < 10.0 GeV^2 the pion form factor can be described by the simple pole form [1 + Q^2 / (0.4620.024)]^-1.

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