Phys. Rev. D 16, 1986–2015 (1977); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.16.1986

Backward-Angle Electron-Proton Elastic Scattering and Proton Electromagnetic Form Factors

C. J. Bebek, C. N. Brown, R. V. Kline, F. M. Pipkin, S. W. Raither, and L. K. Sisterson
Harvard University
A. Browman, K. M. Hanson, D. Larson, and A. Silverman
Cornell University


This paper reports measurements of the inclusive pion electroproduction reaction e + N --> e + pią + anything with both proton and neutron targets for pions produced along and near the direction of the virtual photon. Two independent purposes of these measurements were to provide data at low epsilon and at high Q^2. Data are reported for the (W,Q^2, epsilon ) points (2.2 GeV, 1.2 GeV^2, 0.45), (2.7, 2.0, 0.35), (2.7, 3.3, 0.40), (2.7, 6.2, 0.40), and (2.7, 9.5, 0.40). The data are used to test Feynman scaling and to compare the ratio of the cross sections for charged-pion production to the quark-model predictions. The data are also used in conjunction with the data from earlier experiments to separate the scalar and transverse components of the cross section.

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