Medical Imaging IV, Proc. SPIE 1231, pp. 176-187 (1990)

Comparison of the algebraic reconstruction technique with the maximum entropy reconstruction technique for a variety of detection tasks

K. J. Myers, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, USFDA
K. M. Hanson, Los Alamos National Laboratory


A method for comparing reconstruction algorithms is presented based on the ability to perform certain detection tasks on the resulting images. The reconstruction algorithms compared are the algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) and the maximum entropy reconstruction method (MaxEnt). Task performance is assessed through a Monte Carlo simulation of the complete imaging process, including the generation of a set of object scenes, followed by data-taking, reconstruction, and performance of the specified task by a machine observer. For these detection tasks the figure of merit used for comparison is the detectability index, d'. When each algorithm is run with approximately optimized parameters, these studies find comparable values for d'.

Keywords: reconstruction comparison, reconstruction evaluation, reconstruction optimization, task performance, detectability index, figure of merit, machine observer, maximum-entropy reconstruction, algebraic reconstruction technique

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