Medical Imaging IV, Proc. SPIE 1231, pp. 164-175 (1990)

Object detection and amplitude estimation based on maximum a posteriori reconstructions

K. M. Hanson
Los Alamos National Laboratory


We report on the behavior of the linear maximum a posteriori (MAP) tomographic reconstruction technique as a function of the assumed rms noise in the measurements, which specifies the degree of confidence in the measurement data. The unconstrained MAP reconstructions are evaluated on the basis of the performance of two related tasks: object detection and amplitude estimation. It is found that the detectablity of medium-sized discs remains constant up to relatively large noise levels before slowly diminishing. However, the amplitudes of the discs estimated form the MAP reconstructions increasingly deviate form the actual values as the rms noise increases.

Keywords: maximum a posteriori (MAP) reconstruction, tomographic reconstruction, algebraic reconstruction technique (ART), object detection, amplitude estimation, task performance, detectibility index

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