Proc. SPIE 9419 (2015)

Breast ultrasound tomography with two parallel transducer arrays: Preliminary clinical results,

Lianjie Huang, Youzuo Lin, Zhigang Zhang, Yassin Labyed, Sirui Tan, Nghia Nguyen, Kenneth Hanson, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Daniel Sandoval and Michael Williamson, Dept. Radiology, Univ. New Mexico


Ultrasound tomography has great potential to provide quantitative estimations of physical properties of breast tumors for accurate characterization of breast cancer. We design and manufacture a new synthetic-aperture breast ultrasound tomography system with two parallel transducer arrays. The distance of these two transducer arrays is adjustable for scanning breasts with different sizes. The ultrasound transducer arrays are translated vertically to scan the entire breast slice by slice and acquires ultrasound transmission and reflection data for whole-breast ultrasound imaging and tomographic reconstructions. We use the system to acquire patient data at the University of New Mexico Hospital for clinical studies. We present some preliminary imaging results of in vivo patient ultrasound data. Our preliminary clinical imaging results show promising of our breast ultrasound tomography system with two parallel transducer arrays for breast cancer imaging and characterization.

Keywords: Breast cancer, synthetic-aperture ultrasound, ultrasound imaging, ultrasound tomography
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