Proc. 7th International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies, August 21-27, Stanford University (1975)

Inclusive and Exclusive Virtual Photoproduction Results from Cornell

Kenneth M. Hanson
Cornell University

The property of scaling in inclusive electron-nucleon scattering, discovered by the SLAC-MIT collaboration, quickly led to the acceptance of the notion that the nucleons are composed of point-like objects called partons. In an attempt to learn more about the elementary processes taking place in deep-inelastic electron scattering, a large number of electroproduction experiments have been undertaken in which one or more of the final state hadrons were observed. In this report, I describe the results from a series of electroproduction experiments performed during the last several years at the Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory of Cornell University in which the scattered electron and a single charged hadron are detected in the final state. The cross section for the virtual photoproduction of the pi+-neutron final state in which the pi+ is produced in the momentum-transfer direction is found to contain a significant contribution from the isoscalar amplitude. The inclusive reactions in the forward direction do not appear to scale with omega, as predicted by the parton model, but tend to scale with W, although the values of W for which the measurements were taken, 2.2 < W < 3.2 GeV, may be too low for the assumptions made about parton fragmentation to hold.

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