Proc. SPIE 491, pp. 180-187 (1984)

Tomographic reconstruction of axially symmetric objects from a single radiograph

Kenneth M. Hanson
Los Alamos National Laboratory


In 1826 Abel presented the method of obtaining the profile of a circularly symmetric 2-D object from its projection. It is shown that the extension of Abel inversion, the reconstruction of a 2D axially symmetric object from a single radiograph, offers significant benefits as an image analysis tool. These benefits include improved delineation of material boundaries, enhanced display of minor deviations from axial symmetry, as produced by defects, and accurate estimation of the linear attenuation coefficients of the materials. Frequently this technique allows observation of features in the object that are too subtle to be seen in the original radiograph.

Keywords: Abel inversion, axially symmetric object reconstruction, radiography, image enhancement

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