Proceedings BioMedical Engineering and Informatics Conference, pp. 281-285 (2008)

Ultrasound Pulse-Echo Imaging with an Optimized Propagator

Lianjie Huang, Cuiping Li, Neb Duric, Youli Quan and Kenneth M. Hanson
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Stanford University, Karmanos Cancer Institute


Properly accounting for ultrasound scattering from heterogeneities within the breast is essential for highresolution ultrasound breast imaging. This requires a reflectivity image reconstruction method capable of accurately handling ultrasound scattering. We develop an optimized ultrasound-wave propagator for reflectivity image reconstruction using pulse-echo ultrasound signals. The method is based on a solution of one-way wave equation and recursive inward continuation of ultrasound wavefields in the frequency-space and frequency-wavenumber domains using a heterogeneous sound-speed model of the breast obtained from tomography. It minimizes ultrasound phase errors during wavefield inward continuation while maintaining the advantage of high computational efficiency. Pulseecho ultrasound imaging tests for a numerical breast phantom demonstrate that our optimized method has the potential to improve the reliability and accuracy of ultrasound breast imaging.

Keywords: wavefield propagator, pulse-echo imaging, ultrasound tomographic reconstruction

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