The Fifteenth International Workshop on Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods

July 31 - August 4, 1995

St. John's College

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Organizers: Ken Hanson and Richard Silver


The Fifteenth International Workshop on Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods will be held at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. This Workshop is being jointly sponsored by the Center for Nonlinear Studies and the Radiographic Diagnostics Program, both at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and by the Santa Fe Institute (SFI).

SCOPE: Traditional themes of the Workshop have been the application of the maximum entropy principle and Bayesian methods for statistical inference to diverse areas of scientific research. Practical numerical algorithms and principles for solving ill-posed inverse problems, image reconstruction and model building are emphasized. The Workshop also addresses common foundations for statistical physics, statistical inference, and information theory.

The Workshop will begin on 31 July with a half-day tutorial on Bayesian methods and the principle of maximum entropy, which will be presented by Wray Buntine and Peter Cheeseman of NASA. The Workshop will also include several reviews of hot topics of broad interest, such as Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods for sampling posteriors, deformable geometric models, and the relation between information theory and physics. Specially organized sessions will highlight other topics, such as Bayesian time-series analysis, entropies in dynamical systems, and data analysis for physics simulations.

The Workshop will be held in the beautiful setting of St. John's College, nested in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, two miles from the Santa Fe Plaza. St. John's is a small liberal arts college, which emphasizes a classical curriculum. Social events include a reception at the Santa Fe Institute and an outing to the Science Museum at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The timing of the Workshop coincides with the peak of the Santa Fe tourist and opera seasons.

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: Contributed papers are requested on the innovative use of Bayesian methods or the maximum entropy principle. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is April 14, 1995. They should be written in LaTeX or ascii and limited to one page of about 400 words. Please include a curriculum vita or a short biographical sketch. Specify preference for an oral or poster presentation. The abstracts will be made available at the Workshop. Manuscripts of accepted papers will be due at the Workshop, in camera-ready form, on diskette, and one hard-copy, and they must be prepared in LaTeX using a style file that will be made available to authors by e-mail or by post.

REGISTRATION: To receive registration materials and detailed information about this Workshop, contact Ms. Barbara Rhodes at the address below. Space limitations at St. John's College will restrict the number of attendees to about 125. Early registration will help to assure a place at the meeting.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Limited financial support will be available to assist graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who wish to attend the workshop. Requests for support may be submitted along with registration materials.

SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZERS: Kenneth Hanson and Richard Silver, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Send requests for registration materials and other information to:

Ms. Barbara Rhodes
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545 USA

Tel: (505) 667-1444
Fax: (505) 665-2659